Project Supervision on Sea and Land - Electrical Installations, Workmanship and Design.

Project Supervision on Sea and Land - Electrical Installations, Workmanship and Design.

Here at Executive Solutions we focus on the best solutions and the most reliable people. In our team we have experienced electricians and highly skilled shipyard staff. Our field of expertise is electrical installations carried out both on land, sea, and on site. We always deliver on time and our number one priority is safety.



We provide comprehensive service with electrical installations that are carried out on land. We design, manufacture, and assemble. We carry out inspections of installations and provide services in modernization of existing electrical infrastructures. What’s more, we develop and maintain a comprehensive post-project documentation.




Any vessel in order to function well needs a reliable electrical installation. We carry out any work related to the installation of electrical wiring and devices on all kinds of vessels. We design, install and service. Our offer includes installation of wiring, navigation devices, fiber optic systems, automation equipment, etc.


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We cover full range of works on various ships and vessel, which are directly related to the extension of the service life of electrical installations and devices. We effectively eliminate defects and prevent possible incidents that may result in malfunction. Should this take place, we swiftly identify the cause and immediately provide solutions that will add years to your vessel’s service life. 


We value the highest quality in everything we do. We employ the best electricians and highly specialized shipyard workers. Our employees have gained rich experience working on projects around the world. We have built a team that is harmonious and communicative, where a fruitful relationship with the customer is an imperative. As a result, our projects have always met with approval and received positive customer feedback. Our managerial processes and robust tools help us face challenges and efficiently responds to unexpected situations. We meet our customers’ needs and always deliver projects on schedule.



In the past several years, Executive Solutions have supervised various projects on land and sea. We made great strides and gained impressive working knowledge carrying out complex electrical installations. We never cease to develop and fine tune our internal process, delivering projects and providing our services worldwide. Our experts, managers and electricians ensure that our work on land, sea and ships meets the industry highest standards and we never miss a deadline. We are committed to providing comprehensive services, which is why we offer design, execution, assembling, maintenance and modernization works.


We provide services to housing developers and main developers of offshore projects, ship owners, shipyards, and companies supervising the execution of various electrical projects. Cooperation is based on the highest standards of performance. We pay special attention to the copletion of projects on schedule.


Join a team of experts, skilled electricians, and experienced works at Executive Solutions. Work with us and combine responsibility with the highest standard of services and if you like challenges and you want to develop professionally within a fully committed team of managers, electricians and specialists – Executive Solutions is the place for you.


While carrying out electrical installations, regardless of the location of the project, safety our workers is extremely important to us. We organize special safety trainings and constantly improve our standards. We care about the peace of mind of our contractors, but also we look after our employees so the work may progress seamlessly.
Project Supervision on Sea and Land - Electrical Installations, Workmanship and Design.


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